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Data and Document Destruction, Archiving

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Whether it's paper documents, data or electronic media - we offer wholesome solutions for the destruction and archiving of sensitive bank details, personnel reports, medical records, tax documents ... in compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation. With no interim storage we produce shredded material which is then recycled as a valuable raw material - this is both economical and eco-friendly.

Services at a glance

  • Data and Document Destruction
  • Document Storage and Archiving
  • Cellar and Archive Clearance
  • Office Clearance

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  • Gauer-Desktop-Box (Information in preparation)

  • Gauer-Harddisc-Box (Information in preparation) 

Deadline compliance

Legally destroy personal documents!

In Germany there are legal requirements and regulations for business documents that stipulate how long they must be kept, which documents must be destroyed and how.  Accounting records, for example, have to be retained for 10 years, patients’ medical records for 30 years in many cases. Even business letters must be kept for 6 years. So before you switch on the shredder or hire a contractor it’s advisable to check which retention periods need to be observed for which documents. Particularly where third-party data is concerned, the data storage media must be disposed of in accordance with DIN Standard 66399.

A real help

"We have been working together with Gauer Daten- und Aktenvernichtung GmbH for nearly 15 years now, so that every order placed on such short notice could be done reliably and safely in the shortest possible time, so we would like to thank you for the excellent and always reliable partnership."

– Stefan Herber, Herber Unternehmensberatung KG

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Arndt Höhn
Operations Manager