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Data and Document Destruction

For sure! paper files are not only one of the hard currencies of the business world - they also present a security risk. Whether your company is large or small or you’re a private individual, your files carry written data that can be of great interest to all sorts of people: enterprise strategies, business plans, medical reports, cooperation concepts, tax or notarial documents are not intended to be handled or viewed by everyone. That’s why documents of this kind do not belong in the wastebasket, but should be securely destroyed.

Gauer guarantees you seamless security for your documents and files - across the entire process chain:

  • Collection in secure data disposal containers, lockable with insertion slot
  • Data destruction according to ISO 21964 / DIN 66399 up to Protection Class 3, Security Level P 5
  • No file stripping necessary – we destroy complete ring binders
  • Regular container collection
  • In-house training for your personnel

Destruction of data storage media and hard disks

Digitalization is storming ahead and with it the role played by digital storage media and hard disks storing sensitive data which, after use and the expiry of the relevant statutory retention periods, need to be destroyed.

Gauer’s range of services also includes the destruction of storage media and hard disks using a consistently secure process chain:

  • secure destruction of all types of storage media: hard disks, mobile devices, CDs/DVDs, floppy disks, magnetic tapes etc.
  • on request: direct collection by the Gauer vehicle fleet
  • material-dependent shred size according to ISO 21964 / DIN 66399 
  • where necessary: recording of serial and IMEI numbers

There's system in our service!

As specialists for document destruction and document archiving we tailor our processes to meet your requirements. That’s why our services include both the provision of comprehensive advice on your individual data protection and disposal policy, as well as the on-site destruction of your documents – quickly, inexpensively and in compliance with data protection regulations. Of course we will also provide you with full documentation of the destruction of your materials if required.

For your in-house documentation we produce disposal statistics tailored to your requirements. These include all data and procedures that make material flows and costs transparent.

  • Expert advice (data protection and disposal policies)
  • Destruction of documents and digital storage media, also available on-site
  • Documentation and statistics of the disposal procedure

Cellar and office clearance

Whether it’s your cellar, archive or office – we’re ready to help you clear your premises by our sworn staff - and that includes the secure destruction of your documents, files or data in accordance with ISO 21964 / DIN 66399 and the requirements of the EU GDPR.

Simply call us: We clarify all the details with you!
Do you need information on the statutory retention periods for documents such as your tax records?

Product destruction

Whether you’re having to deal with surplus production, market cleansing or substandard goods – whenever large quantities of cardboard packaging, textiles, fabrics or electronic devices need to be destroyed, you can rely on us as a competent partner. 

We’ll also be happy to collect your goods straight from your premises using our own vehicle fleet.

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