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With a past for the future! The GAUER Daten- und Aktenvernichtungs GmbH and GAUER Archivdienstleistungen GmbH is a long-established Wiesbaden family business whose roots go back to the year 1892. Formerly founded as a pure "raw material wholesale business", ie the trade in scrap metal, rags and paper, Gauer has developed into an important company in the segment of document shredding in Germany. From its location in Wiesbaden, GAUER operates nationally with its services in the area of ​​data and document shredding and archiving.

GAUER - companies with a history for the future!

Our customers include:

  • Banking and financial services providers and insurance companies

  • The German civil service (public authorities, government agencies and administration)

  • Tax advisors and business consultants

  • Law firms and accountants

  • Healthcare sector: doctors’ offices, hospitals and pharmacies

  • Industrial enterprises and the manufacturing industry

  • Private homes


We refer you to our experience in public administration, healthcare, industry, commerce and many service companies, such as Lawyers, doctors, accountants or architects. Confidentiality is part of our business. However, if you still want to receive references, we will gladly show you these in a personal conversation. Please contact us.

The quality of our service is confirmed by independent testing institutes:
GAUER Daten- und Aktenvernichtungs GmbH is a waste disposal specialist according to § 52 of the KrW- / AbfG.
The GAUER Daten- und Aktenvernichtungs GmbH carries the quality seal to the specialized company file and data carrier destruction

Location Wiesbaden

Services national:
The exceptionally high service quality also convinces our customers nationwide. This makes GAUER well-known and recognized as one of the leading companies in the field of security disposal in the catchment area.

Our employees

We stand with our family name for your satisfaction!

Stefanie Gauer

Arndt Höhn
Operations Manager

Stefan Herber
Customer Service

Fabienne Schön
Customer Service

Michael Wenzel
Dispatcher / Fleet Manager